atari competition rules

    :: general :::.

all entries should contain a text file with:

- name of the competition (category)
- name of the entry
- name of the author(s)
- contact details

all competing entries in all categories must be first presented at the FOReVER party. entries can be submitted via remotely without personal attendance but in such cases we canít guarantee shipping prizes worldwide in case of winning. all entries will be released as freeware after the party.

    :: music :::.

- max. length of the music is 3 minutes
- it is allowed to use someone elseís instruments but donít overdo it
- allowed formats: executable, MPT (no samples), CMC, TMC (4/8 channels)
- all entries will be presented via MegaPlayer 2.0
- max. one music entry per musician

    :: graphic :::.

- all entries may contain names, logos, nick names which can identify the author
- allowed formats: executable, APC, CIN, GED, GR8, GR9, HIP, INT, MIC (PIC), PI1, PI3, RIP
- all entries will be presented via MegaPlayer 2.0 and Visage 2.5
- it is not allowed to redraw someone elseís works; it is allowed however to use tools from other platforms (e.g. Graph2Font) but organizers reserve the right to reject obvious scans with zero added value / effort
- max. two graphics entries per graphician

    :: intro :::.

- max. size of the intro is 1024 Bytes
- intro may be packed
- intro may contain sound / music
- intro must start from DOS (or QMEG, memlo max. $2000) but doesnít have to return back
- intro may be part of a demo only in case that demo is being released at FOReVER as well
- no further limits

    :: demo :::.

- demo must start from DOS (or QMEG, memlo max. $2000) or it can be bootable from disk
- it is allowed to use extended memory up to 1024 KiB, therefore one can use up to 1088 KiB RAM
- demo must run without user interaction
- no further limits

    :: crossplattform WILD competition :::.

your entry should be original and entertaining. it can be anything you can imagine but you should be able to present it, so either bring the all necessary hardware needed for its presentation or record it on a video and give it to the organizers.

- your entry can be focused on any platform (atari, commodore, zx spectrum, amstrad cpc, sam coupe etc)
- no limit on additional hardware

    :: notes :::.

all competing entries will be presented on this setup:
- Atari 600XL, Ultimate1MB, stereo, SIDE3, SIO2USB
- DOS II+, QMEG 4.04, SpartaDOS X

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