commodore competition rules

    :: general :::.

all works must be first presented on the FOReVER party.
the author(s) don't need to be present at the FOReVER party, but in case of winning, no price will be received.

    :: music :::.

- only for SID chip C=64
- must be executable
- playtime 3:oo minutes
- max. 1 works per one musician

    :: graphic :::.

- any graphic mode
- must be executable
- your own work
- wiring (software conversion) of images which originally weren't made for C64 and didn't use C64 color palette, is not encouraged. believe us, the scene is bored of this already

    :: intro :::.

- lenght of intro file is max. 1o24 bytes
- intro must executable
- intro may contain sound (SID)

    :: demo :::.

- for commodore c64 + disk drive 1541/II

    :: crossplattform WILD competition :::.

your entry should be original and entertaining it can be anything you can imagine, but you should be able to present it, so either bring the all necessary hardware needed for it's presentation, or videotape your production.
- any machine (atari, commodore, zx spectrum)
- any additional hardware stuff
- better videotape your production

:: commodore rules (2oo2o825) by jtr

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