:: outro photos from FOReVER|9
no opened doors, no people plasma? lcd? widescreen? didaktik mdidaktik kompakt on big screen
atari 800 detailwhole world connected to c64black c64 storage server
atari 130 sexy detailzx spectrum thermo observatoratari 800 with magic storage box
xi`s atari nest the legend of PMD-85free stuff for gameboy and ps1
people in discussion - right sidepeople in discussion - left side coding, gaming, hacking the world
zx spectrum ownz yourealtime coding... ...thinking and optimizing
atari music competitionzx spectrum music competitionc64 graphic
zx spectrum bw graphiczx spectrum colour graphic atari impressive 1k intro
people vs computersrealtime hw debugging realtime sw discussion
watching pricegiving ceremonyfunny speccy boys last undead people at the party
 ...thanks for atmosphere 

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