:: outro photos from FOReVER-e
lonely party place before opening (from chair) party place (from table) atari 800xl
2x commodore c64 with colour and bw monitor zx spectrum 128 (bill gates on screen) detail on amstrad cpc
atari 130xe prepared for work didaktik m on old pmd-60 monitor still exotic sam coupe
gamer`s commdore c64 creamd and wotnau in discusion funny speccy boys
playing games on commdore c64 people vs computers coding, listening, gaming
wotnau as renegade realtime coding... ...thinking and optimalizing
xi`s in his atari nest dark corner of commodore sceners composing of music
main compos presentation watching the big screen voting for compos
commodore c64 graphics compo atari graphics compo zx specrum graphics compo
wild compo: jtr and wotnau (in black mask) raster`s funny intro zx spectrum intro
price-giving ceremony ...and the winners last words of wotnau for FOReVER-e
  ...thanks for atmosphere  

    :: welcome to the world of demoscene :::.

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