:: outro text and photos from FOReVER|neXt

 we closed the doors of FOReVER for 10th time. as this was maybe most complicated year for us, we hope you had at least usual fun, we hope you spent a good weekend with the right spirit. here is last few words from us.

 the party place was smaller then usually, but we've been forced to change it just last evening before the party. the one we used was the best compromise we were able to do. all this mean some other complications during the party, so we apologies for any inconvenience! every mistake we did in past will make better party in the future.

 you're visitors, you're the ones who make the party spirit. be sure that we want to hear your opinions, we can and we will work on the things you'd like to have during FOReVER. we just need to hear from you so, please, let us know any changes you'd like to see around the party.

 be sure about the next year. this time we are starting right now, the day after the party finished. there is lot of things to do, some of them mean new start, some of them are just extended things that worked. 10 years is quite a long time, but we still feel like we have enough of energy to go ahead.

see you in Trencin during third weekend of march 2010!  ellvis/zeroteam

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graphicians at workgamers at workcoders at work
Xi loading datameditatingmass loading and sharing data
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pmd 85 with expansion Mike fishing :)commodore c64 off
lonely atari800xezx spectrum128 onold atari800 with two joysticks
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prasatko graphicsimple rgb to video converterfull connected sinclair
 ...thanks for atmosphere 

    :: welcome to the world of 8bit demoscene :::.

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