zx spectrum competition rules

    :: general :::.

   add simple .txt file with few informations about your work(s) as compo name, work name, who made it, some contact address. you can also write there some additional informations if you want. all your stuff in any competitions must be first presented on FOReVER party. you can send it without your presence on the party, but we are not sure if you will receive prize in the case of wining. all stuff will be published as freeware after the party.

    :: music :::.

- this is 50Hz chip tunes competition, not sampletracks
- compile your music with player on address 49152 (#C000) and send us info how to play it (init, play and stop address)
- just one music per author
- if your music is part of some other work, that work must be also presented in some competition of FOReVER party

    :: graphic :::.

- classic 6912 bytes length raw screen format or any advanced software technique for increase picture quality (send as runnable code, remember it must work on party computer)
- please, no scans or converted stuff, use your own hands
- just two pictures per author
- if your picture is part of some other work, that work must be also presented in some competition on FOReVER party

    :: intro :::.

- length of intro is max 1024 bytes, excluding basic loader
- intro must run correctly on party computer
- loader can't change memory or system settings (loader JUST load and run the code)
- intro must be self running
- intro may contain sound for ay chip and internal speaker
- if your intro is part of some demo, that demo must be also presented in demo competition on FOReVER party

    :: demo :::.

- demo must run correctly on party computer
- all loading via basic, no im2 loaders
- demo must be self running and first presented on FOReVER party

    :: notes :::.

we will use zx spectrum 128 +2 as party computer. think about slow and fast ram and ULA "rain" bug (don't place im2 vector into slow ram (16384-32768 or slow pages). ay sound will be in acb stereo order mixed with beep. if you are using interlace or multicolor, make timing routine because of variety of spectrum versions and clones. we load all stuff from divIDE controller, remember it's much faster than disc drive. please, let us know if your work work only in 128basic mode. try to use as less animations as possible - do a demo/intro not slideshow. we will give you 6 months to make public release of your work after the party if you will ask for it. then we will release all party works for public (if you will not ask for it, we will release your works right after the party).

:: zx spectrum rules (2oo6o518) by mike/zeroteam

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