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 15/o1/2o23 subject: Awesomenss wrote: CreaMD

  Happy new year to you all and looking forward to meet you guys!

 11/11/2o22 subject: Re: will there be a.... wrote: mike/zeroteam

  We are preparing for next year, but everything depends on the situation with partyplace. We will let you know after the new year.

 24/o9/2o22 subject: will there be a.... wrote: Drake/Anubis/P.O.L./

  Can we expect in 2023 another Forever party now the pandemic is slowly fading away?

 28/o2/2o22 subject: Xi / Satantronic (1974-2022) wrote: cvm

   R.I.P. Xi - Ľubomír Roba

 16/o9/2o21 subject: Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-2021) wrote: cvm

   R.I.P. Clive Sinclair

 1o/o3/2o2o subject: FOReVER 2020 POSTPONED TO 2021 > 2022 wrote: cvm

  For the first time in our 20-year history, we have to postpone the date of the FOReVER party to next year. It is due to the safety measures taken by the Slovak government - prohibiting all sports and cultural events because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

 17/o5/2o19 subject: Theme of FOReVER 2020 wrote: cvm

  On the occasion of 100 years since the publication of the book R.U.R. by Karel Capek will be next theme of FOReVER 2020 - ROBOT.
We thanks to Martin 1 for this hint in your demo contribution called RUR.

 11/o4/2o19 subject: ZX COMPO 2019 ON YOUTUBE wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
:1. TIC-TOC INTRO by daniel a.nagy
:2. VA by g0blinish
:3. DIVE by gorgh/agenda
:4. PLASMA 1K by busy
:5. TO THE MOON by martin 1
:6. ALIEN FOREVER by mike,busy,cvm

:: zx demo:
:1. 70908 by scoopex
:2. BADABOOM by gemba boys
:3. LOST PARTY INVITATION by helboy,yerzmyey,piesiu

:: wild demo:
:1. REGRESSION by mborik
:4. RUR by martin 1

 19/o3/2o19 subject: FOReVER 2019 - ZX music compo wrote: cvm

  ZX Spectrum music compo player by Mike/zeroteam.

 12/o3/2o19 subject: re: FOReVER logo - 20 years wrote: ellvis

  just GREAT!

 o8/o3/2o19 subject: FOReVER logo - 20 years wrote: cvm

  20 years of FOReVER history in one image:

 25/12/2o18 subject: New invitation intro wrote: ellvis

  Another FOReVER invitation intro:

 3o/o8/2o18 subject: FOReVER 2019: 8-Bit Aliens wrote: cvm

  New page for FOReVER 2019:

 o1/o5/2o18 subject: Pupava demo by ZeroTeam released! wrote: cvm

  Finally! ZeroTeam demo - PUPAVA - from FOReVER17.

 o2/o4/2o18 subject: ZX COMPO 2018 ON YOUTUBE wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
:1. Colour Clash by goblinish
:2. Boota (512b BASIC intro) by Busy
:3. ZX fashion we1k by akio tenshi (factor6)

:: demo:
:1. The deep by sibCrew
:2. Balik (BASIC demo) by Gemba boys
:3. SPECCYZANCI by Joker

:: wild:
:1. Fear by z00m/TCG/SinDiKAT

 26/o3/2o18 subject: ZX SPECTRUM MUSIC DISC FOReVER 2018 wrote: cvm

  Nice ZX Spectrum MUSIC COMPO player by Mike\Zeroteam

 19/o3/2o18 subject: FOReVER 2018 photos wrote: cvm

  Nice photos from FOReVER#19 by Krupkaj:

 16/o3/2o18 subject: Eternity & raster prizes for FOReVER 19 wrote: cvm

  Unique Eternity (now with 8 stripes!!!) prize and Raster pixel block are prepared.

 22/o3/2o17 subject: ZX Spectrum music disk wrote: cvm

  ZX Spectrum MUSIC SET by Mike\Zeroteam

 22/o3/2o17 subject: Re: ZX Spectrum compo on Youtube wrote: Busy

  Better video of Tochi:

 21/o3/2o17 subject: ZX Spectrum compo on Youtube wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
: 1. 2x2 by Baze
: 2. Tochi by Busy

:: demo:
:1. Ultraviolet by Hooy-Program
:2. Big Things by
:3. Compofiller by Noby & Factor6
:4. Atari by Bad joke

:: wild:
:1. Bad Apple 2 by Noby & Factor6

 25/o3/2o16 subject: Theme of Forever 2017 selected! wrote: Wotnau

  ...the theme of Forever 2017 is MAD MAX - THE 8-BIT ROAD. More details at

 23/o3/2o16 subject: Wild compo entry wrote: cvm

  :: Defender of the 8 bits by Happy Vectors Interactive (VHS demo)

 22/o3/2o16 subject: Tailwind wrote: cvm

  :: Tailwind from gembaboys (live at Forever 17)

 22/o3/2o11 subject: Cool short document made by Polish guys wrote: CreaMD

  Cool short video document about this year's Forever 2011 made by Polish guys

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