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 29/o4/2o24 subject: Subliminal Extasy #6 (wild entry) wrote: mike/zeroteam

  After looong delay, the zx spectrum wild entry is released to public: I also updated the release packs (zx & wild).

 31/o3/2o24 subject: Nice theme! wrote: Wotnau

  Dammit, now I'll have to make good on my promise! Anyway, nice theme choice. Whether it was a part of the decision or not, I immediately remembered Xi's graphics for Satantronic's Jurassic Park II.

 31/o3/2o24 subject: Thank you! wrote: CreaMD

  Lovely theme!

 29/o3/2o24 subject: Theme of Forever 2025 selected! wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Hello 8-bit dinosaurs! I'm happy to announce theme for the next year: Forever 23 Jurassic party. I'm looking forward to meet you again at 3rd weekend in March at the same place!

 19/o3/2o24 subject: Eternity, 2025 theme and stuff wrote: Aki

  Thanks for the party! The compos went surprisingly well this year. I had been awaiting Eternity as well, but the explained reason why this wasn't this year is pretty understandable. The sooner the theme and new logos and gfx will be released, the bigger chance is to attract potential compos attenders as I can make a banner from that and spread it over the upcoming 2024 and early 2025 parties with sufficient time advance. Think of that. More soon = more entries.

 19/o3/2o24 subject: Pics wrote: krupkaj

  Thanks for another nice party. Here you can find my pics:

 19/o3/2o24 subject: Dizzy's entry for Raster Award wrote: CreaMD

  I agree. It was clever and funny, and that's what Raster Award was about. But I'm okay with keeping it for next year. As far as next year's theme is concerned, I'm all for announcing it as soon as possible. MikeZT, thanks. I look forward for the next year(s).

 18/o3/2o24 subject: Dizzy's 1k entry wrote: Wotnau

  Re the special awards: I would have nominated Dizzy's winning intro for Raster's, but I definitely agree that there was no reason to give Eternity to anyone.

My 2 cents: maybe (pretty please!) if you announce next year's theme sooner, you'll get more entries to the topic. Why not do it, like, tomorrow? Anyway, if you guys announce the theme during this month, I promise to bring a themed entry in 2025.

 18/o3/2o24 subject: Re: Hi guys, who won Raster award and .. wrote: mike/zeroteam

  There was no Raster or Eternity award this year. Not because there was no good contributions, but we think they didn't suit to these awards this year. Thanks to everyone who sent their works!

It was nice to see you CreaMD on the party and see you next year!

 17/o3/2o24 subject: Hi guys, who won Raster award and ... wrote: CreaMD

  ...Forever eternity? If anyone. Sorry I had to hurry to pick my sister from bus station so I missed the ceremony. Thanx for another enjoyable party experience. See you next year, hopefully.

 16/o3/2o24 subject: Live stream wrote: cvm

  Live stream from the FOREVER party:

 19/o2/2o24 subject: c64 contact wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Hello! Beware, we have new email for C64 section.

 o4/11/2o23 subject: new theme wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Hello everyone! We silently updated the theme for the next year. So I hope we will see us at 8-bit Underground in Suchá nad Parnou again in March.

 28/o3/2o23 subject: Re: Afterever wrote: mike/zeroteam

  CreamD, as a ex-organisator you should know how stressful is the time during the compos. Also, why I should talk to you during 1k atari compo? I totally missed it.

The apostrophes are working fine. But there is a timeout for submit a message, spam filter.

 22/o3/2o23 subject: Amazing party wrote: poke^patisoners

  I would like to thank all the organizers for the wonderful atmosphere during the whole event. Thank you guys, you have recharged my ZX scene batteries to 128%. The new party place is great. See you next year

 21/o3/2o23 subject: Raster award wrote: cvm

  This demo deserved to win - RASTER AWARD! An old Czechoslovak song - Zvonky štěstí performed by Karel Gott and Darinka Rolincová.
:: Zvonky by R0ger performed by two robots Karel. The robots are named after the creator Karel Čapek. The circle is now closed.

 2o/o3/2o23 subject: pics wrote: krupkaj

  Thanks to whole orga team for another great party. It was really nice to visit Forever again after long gap.
Here are my photos from the event:

 2o/o3/2o23 subject: ZX DEMO COMPO 2023 on Youtube wrote: cvm

  :: zx demo compo:
:1. STOPgenocide (live) by Kitten Rescuers & Invaders
:3. ganzfeld by baze/3SC
:4. Kremash by CI5 The Amaters

 19/o3/2o23 subject: Apostrophes wrote: CreaMD

  This form is eating the posts that contain apostrophes, that are quite natural in English language. Please do something about it, because some people might lose their posts due to this and never try again. Fortunatelly I had copied the text before posting and then later sanitized it by removing apostrophes.

 19/o3/2o23 subject: Afterever wrote: CreaMD

  Thanx for great and cozy partyplace. Thanx to POL for surprising me on arriving with C64 orga tables placed on "classic" (behind the scenes/screen). That was a nice gesture! I am not orga anymore, but it was awesome to realize som things doesn not change (in a good way ;-). Respect Bro!. Mikezt, I am sorry that I was disturbing your calm during the compos, but still you should unlearn to unload your frustrations on people that are not part of the problem. I was trying to be helpful, but apparently the dude who was responsible for the partyplace was against switch off light behind the screen. If he wasn not, I would have switched them off to please Baze. This or that, you can never satisfy everyone, and trying to do so is a pathway to hell. Peace, mate. As for the rest, I really, really enjoyed this party. ZX Spectrum (not only, but especially) demos was (again) a lesson of maturity and creativity for every other 8-bit demoscene, especially the C64 scene. We tend to polish our demos and make them smooth, but I am afraid, oftentimes the fun factor is oftentimes sacrified for technical achievement (honor the exceptions, of course). Thanx to everyone I had chance to talk with, I am quite open for debates, although I do not seek them consciously, and I enjoy them greatly, most of the times. This was another Forever to remember! Thanx for great experience everybody. Greetings to my ex-group mates too. Have a nice meal everybody and see you again somewhere/somewhen.

 17/o3/2o23 subject: Twitch stream wrote: bittin yay aki streaming on the Twitch yo watching here from Sweden :)

 17/o3/2o23 subject: Realtime theme wrote: mike/zeroteam

  This year theme for realtime compo is Robotic Household

 17/o3/2o23 subject: Best wishes wrote: __sam__

  I wish you a very good party. Have fun everyone!

 17/o3/2o23 subject: Re: c64 demo compo wrote: mike/zeroteam

  I will ping the C64 orgs. The correct email is 64compos(at)wotnau(dot)cz

 16/o3/2o23 subject: c64 demo compo wrote: Kreator

  I sent email to c64 organizer with entry for c64 demo compo but i didnt receive any answer.
Is that correct address?

 16/o3/2o23 subject: Re: Music covers wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Yes, they are allowed.

 16/o3/2o23 subject: Music covers wrote: tatqoo

  Hi, I got a question whether covers are allowed for the C-64 music compo. Could somebody let me know? Thank you. tatqoo

 15/o3/2o23 subject: Re: email submit deadline wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Usually at Friday, not exactly defined. Organizers are open to receive later contributions too, but write them an email and they will tell you more. We have a new atari organizers this year, so be kind to them :-)

 14/o3/2o23 subject: email submit deadline wrote: filipus

  Hi All, what is the Atari deadline for email submission of contributions?

 14/o3/2o23 subject: Re: Questions on facilities and food wrote: pol


- sleeping space is right next to the party place. floor is pavement floor but room has radiators. it is usually used as canteen
- there are sinks with warm water and we plan also to provide showers for selected hours
- unfortunately there will be no bufet this year on party place. there is groceries shop near by. payments in euro and by card. there is pub with pizza about 500m from party place


 13/o3/2o23 subject: Questions on facilities and food wrote: Aki

  Hi, me and some other people would like to know more details about the facility and food possibilities.

- Is there a sleeping place or sleeping room without cold floor?
- Is there any warm water and at least a sink (if not showers)?
- Is there an on-place catering and do they accept payment by card? If cash, do they accept CZ money or Euros?
- Is there a grocery shop in the neighborhood?

Thanks :)

 1o/o3/2o23 subject: Stream wrote: CreaMD

  Yes, Webcam with microphone aiming at big screen during compos would be enough to bring atmosphere from the party to home screens. You need a computer with good connection. Ideally cable/optic. Service broadcasting the stream can be anything. You can stream for example to youtube.

 o6/o3/2o23 subject: Re: Streaming wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Problems with streaming are:
- lack of organizers
- lack of technical skills
- lack of concept

None of current organizers will have time or will to take care of the stream. Stream will need someone who will take care of it.

As I know, nobody from us ever made a stream. We have no equipment or skills. You have to take in mind that Forever is not using pre-recorded videos of the productions, but we are using original computers. This can make streaming even harder.

What will be streamed outside of competitions? Will there be any graphics with info? Who will update it? Or is the idea just a webcam aiming the big screen?

 o6/o3/2o23 subject: Streaming wrote: scamp

  Is the "no streams anywhere" a policy decision or due to technical reasons? If for technical reasons (not enough internet bandwidth, equipment, streaming system), SceneCity will be happy to help.

 o4/o3/2o23 subject: Re: Remote participation wrote: mike/zeroteam

  Yes, email is the right way for contributions. No fees for entries and no streams anywhere.

 o3/o3/2o23 subject: Remote participation wrote: spq

Is the remote participation as easy as sending entries via platform-related email?
No entry fee on hollow tree stub after midnight, no secret handshake? ;)
Also, are you going to stream the compos via or similar system?
Thank you!

With all Respect and love for 8bits,

 16/o2/2o23 subject: atari section email wrote: mike/zeroteam

  We are ready to get your Atari contributions at atari (at) zeroteam (dot) sk. Looking forward for your productions!

 29/o1/2o23 subject: c64 email section wrote: mike/zeroteam

  C64 organisers updated their entries email: 64compos (at) wotnau (dot) cz
Looking forward for your entries!

 15/o1/2o23 subject: Awesomenss wrote: CreaMD

  Happy new year to you all and looking forward to meet you guys!

 11/11/2o22 subject: Re: will there be a.... wrote: mike/zeroteam

  We are preparing for next year, but everything depends on the situation with partyplace. We will let you know after the new year.

 24/o9/2o22 subject: will there be a.... wrote: Drake/Anubis/P.O.L./

  Can we expect in 2023 another Forever party now the pandemic is slowly fading away?

 28/o2/2o22 subject: Xi / Satantronic (1974-2022) wrote: cvm

   R.I.P. Xi - Ľubomír Roba

 16/o9/2o21 subject: Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-2021) wrote: cvm

   R.I.P. Clive Sinclair

 1o/o3/2o2o subject: FOReVER 2020 POSTPONED TO 2021 > 2022 wrote: cvm

  For the first time in our 20-year history, we have to postpone the date of the FOReVER party to next year. It is due to the safety measures taken by the Slovak government - prohibiting all sports and cultural events because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

 17/o5/2o19 subject: Theme of FOReVER 2020 wrote: cvm

  On the occasion of 100 years since the publication of the book R.U.R. by Karel Capek will be next theme of FOReVER 2020 - ROBOT.
We thanks to Martin 1 for this hint in your demo contribution called RUR.

 11/o4/2o19 subject: ZX COMPO 2019 ON YOUTUBE wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
:1. TIC-TOC INTRO by daniel a.nagy
:2. VA by g0blinish
:3. DIVE by gorgh/agenda
:4. PLASMA 1K by busy
:5. TO THE MOON by martin 1
:6. ALIEN FOREVER by mike,busy,cvm

:: zx demo:
:1. 70908 by scoopex
:2. BADABOOM by gemba boys
:3. LOST PARTY INVITATION by helboy,yerzmyey,piesiu

:: wild demo:
:1. REGRESSION by mborik
:4. RUR by martin 1

 19/o3/2o19 subject: FOReVER 2019 - ZX music compo wrote: cvm

  ZX Spectrum music compo player by Mike/zeroteam.

 12/o3/2o19 subject: re: FOReVER logo - 20 years wrote: ellvis

  just GREAT!

 o8/o3/2o19 subject: FOReVER logo - 20 years wrote: cvm

  20 years of FOReVER history in one image:

 25/12/2o18 subject: New invitation intro wrote: ellvis

  Another FOReVER invitation intro:

 o1/o5/2o18 subject: Pupava demo by ZeroTeam released! wrote: cvm

  Finally! ZeroTeam demo - PUPAVA - from FOReVER17.

 o2/o4/2o18 subject: ZX COMPO 2018 ON YOUTUBE wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
:1. Colour Clash by goblinish
:2. Boota (512b BASIC intro) by Busy
:3. ZX fashion we1k by akio tenshi (factor6)

:: demo:
:1. The deep by sibCrew
:2. Balik (BASIC demo) by Gemba boys
:3. SPECCYZANCI by Joker

:: wild:
:1. Fear by z00m/TCG/SinDiKAT

 26/o3/2o18 subject: ZX SPECTRUM MUSIC DISC FOReVER 2018 wrote: cvm

  Nice ZX Spectrum MUSIC COMPO player by Mike\Zeroteam

 19/o3/2o18 subject: FOReVER 2018 photos wrote: cvm

  Nice photos from FOReVER#19 by Krupkaj:

 16/o3/2o18 subject: Eternity & raster prizes for FOReVER 19 wrote: cvm

  Unique Eternity (now with 8 stripes!!!) prize and Raster pixel block are prepared.

 22/o3/2o17 subject: ZX Spectrum music disk wrote: cvm

  ZX Spectrum MUSIC SET by Mike\Zeroteam

 22/o3/2o17 subject: Re: ZX Spectrum compo on Youtube wrote: Busy

  Better video of Tochi:

 21/o3/2o17 subject: ZX Spectrum compo on Youtube wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
: 1. 2x2 by Baze
: 2. Tochi by Busy

:: demo:
:1. Ultraviolet by Hooy-Program
:2. Big Things by
:3. Compofiller by Noby & Factor6
:4. Atari by Bad joke

:: wild:
:1. Bad Apple 2 by Noby & Factor6

 25/o3/2o16 subject: Theme of Forever 2017 selected! wrote: Wotnau

  ...the theme of Forever 2017 is MAD MAX - THE 8-BIT ROAD. More details at

 23/o3/2o16 subject: Wild compo entry wrote: cvm

  :: Defender of the 8 bits by Happy Vectors Interactive (VHS demo)

 22/o3/2o16 subject: Tailwind wrote: cvm

  :: Tailwind from gembaboys (live at Forever 17)

 22/o3/2o11 subject: Cool short document made by Polish guys wrote: CreaMD

  Cool short video document about this year's Forever 2011 made by Polish guys

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