intro to 8bit demoscene

    :: welcome to the world of demoscene :::.

   welcome back to the demoworld. it's again the time to leave the grayness of the life behind the doors and enjoy another dimension of creativity, technology and fun. getting older mean new ways to see the things, it's bringing new ideas. and no, we are not going to leave, we will build it up again and again.
so, do you want to know what's new, what happened during last year? are you in watching releases, travelling to the parties and meeting the friends? we are, and that's why we invite you for another time to spend your time with us. we have things to show you, we have ideas to talk about and we have fun to share. those things are the main part of demoscene and we are not going to change it.

    :: 8bit demoscene :::.

being at the beginning those years ago doesn‘t mean to be dead now. there is far too much of people who still create new things between the old borders. they choose to continue to have the same fun they had when they started. and you have a chance to join them. if even just for a weekend, you can see how far they‘re able to go, what a piece of road they‘ve already passed.

you can come and compare the past with the present ----

--- FOReVER XIII // FOReVER:2010 // FOReVER|neXt /FOReVER-e // FOReVER|9 photos.

FOReVER 18 - will happen 17.o3.2o17 - 19.o3.2o17 in horná súča (trencin/slovakia/europe).


you can take your place in the competitions, quizes, talks or just enjoy the atmosphere. Everybody are welcome. The scenes are still the same (atari, commodore, zx spectrum, amstrad cpc, sam coupe) and the new ones are welcome (pmd? msx?), we fight on the bigscreen, but we are all very friendly in real. the things are set-up nearly all, we are sorting out the last things and the party place. this is not a game to be underground and let none know where the party will happen, it is the way how to avoid problems from last year. be sure that party will happen in increasing standards!


:: actual party page:

::atari_scene: used to be big but even now there is enough people to keep this computer alive. just visit or to catch latest news and events.

::commodore_scene: the oldest and still the biggest scene from all 8bits. there are releases during all the year and really much happening. take a look on and to see by yourself.

::zx spectrum_scene: still strong as it used to be, still some parties during the year with new releases. just keep your eyes around and to stay in the picture.

::cpc_scene: never being too big, but still around with new stuff and parties. you can take a look for the news at portal.

::sam coupe_scene: this is the smallest scene that is present on FOReVER party, but it still exist and there are even some demos. the best way to see what is it all about is to check site.

zx spectrum gfx
commodore gfx
atari gfx

    :: party competition :::.

   the rules of FOReVER party for scene computer are:

    :: party information :::.

:: intro
another year, another party. at least, keeping the old standards, we're bringing you a new FOReVER party.

:: the party
we will unpatiently wait for you again from the late morning 17.o3.2o17. the party place will be opened all the weekend as every previous year, we will pack even more stuff into party program then in past. there will be shows, games, quizzes and all the stuff to keep you interested. we will prepare the place for your computers and will show your work on big-screen. we will let the world to hear about you, about all of us.

:: the yes and noo
we‘re open minded people. if you want to participate in a program, you don‘t really have to tell us 6 months before the party. but there is few things we won‘t allow, at least we will try to avoid them as long as possible.
FOReVER is 8bit party. we use PCs for organization work, we‘re not going to run any emulators on the big screen. except the wild compo, your works (both, the presentations and the compo stuff) have to work on the real hardware. especially for the compo works, please, test your stuff on real hardware to avoid non-working releases. read the compo rules for your platform and when your stuff will be finished, please, consult it again with the rules, just to be sure. just then send it to organizers. all the stuff sent before party will be tested and you‘ll hear about any difficulties we will have with your work before the party.
we hope that you‘re going to visit the party to have some fun. just think if your way of having fun is not insulting others (screaming around the partyplace at 4:30 am and so on). this year we will STRICTLY take care about NO SMOKING on the party place! please, keep on mind this rule, we will really kick you out if we will catch you smoking inside! your freedom ends at the point where freedom of someone other starts. if you‘ll find any problem with anything, don‘t hesitate and contact organizers.
this is about all the things connected with the party, from parking the car, to sleeping place, computers, food, etc. sooner you‘ll tell us your problem, sooner we will solve it..

:: homepage
the page of the party will start to live. check it from time to time to see any changes in rules, you‘ll have chance to vote or take your part in some competitions even before the party will start. and also, tell us all your ideas or criticism in the forum. we will keep you informed about the progress of party organization and will talk with you about the changes you will ask for.

:: party place
we will stay at the same place as last year. we can offer main partyplace with podium, bigscreen and sound, we will have a separate rooms for sleeping.

we are working on improvements over sound and screen, we will try to clean-up the program and place the time-tables even before the party will begin. we hope you will have good time this year, you deserve it for being there for so lot of years..

:: outro
the entrance fee is 15 € for all 3 days. now it‘s up to you if you‘ll come or not.
if you‘ll decide to visit FOReVER, we will do our best to make it more then just a good weekend!

.: FOReVER organisers

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