:: outro photos and text from FOReVER XIII

We closed the doors for 13th time. We've been nervous, unpatient and in stress, but you all did it right. This FOReVER was probably the most relaxed one ever. Great atmosphere and lot of friends all over the 8bit scenes. Everything went smoothly and without any bangs.

Quite a lot was done during those three days. Real-time competitions were succesfull, people played games, composed musics, drawn pictures and even coded. We had lot of usual talks with beer in hands, we even competed in some compos. It was joyfull time.

No major incidents happened and good quality of competitions make it sure the party will go on. It was over 80 of us there this year and even as users of 30 years old computers, it is obvious we did not said the last words. We are happy to be part of such a strong part of the scene! In the name of the organisation team, thank you all for support and now we have a year to prepare for the next FOReVER party!



preparing big screen connecting with small screen coding on commodore 128
wotnau and jtr in discusion playing zx spectrum games creamd composing music
ellvis behind sam coupe coders at work naked slim zx80
one of organizers atari covered zx81 pmd85 with full equipment
c64 graphic atari graphic spectrum graphic
musician instruments main compos prizegiving ceremony
  ...thanks for atmosphere  

    :: welcome to the world of 8bit demoscene :::.

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