:: outro text and photos from FOReVER:2010

Well, well, well... Forever 2010: The 8-bit Odyssey is behind us. Maybe the outcome is even better than we deserved this time but we take it as a kind of payback for all the tough luck in the previous years.

The ‘last-minute’ party place turned out to be a much better option than the original one, the visitors were able to find it, heating was sufficient and pizza supply, although delayed, was acceptable. However, we do realize that the only way to win back your trust is to announce the next party place several months in advance – and we will do our best to make it.

Almost one hundred visitors, and what’s even better, many first-timers this time! Which is even better to see as we observe how we’re all aging. This year the party place was all quiet at 2 AM, which would be unheard of say five years ago. :) And what’s best – there’s still a lot of development going on, as we could see e.g. from the game presentations, or Gasman’s subtitles for Micro Men.

What to say in the end? A big THANK YOU. Thank you for your patience with us and thank you for your willingness to have a good time, because if you came without it, the party would never be as good as it turned out. See you in 2011!




we just finnished 11 years of our attempt to do a demoparty. it's up on you how successful we are, we know there is lot of things we have to work on hard to improve. 11 years is quite a long time, but we hope much more is waiting for us.

as the partyplace is closed and we're all back in our usual lives, we hope there is at least a little bit of energy you took from the party. and we want to bring more and more. go and drop us a line or two, tell us what we do good or bad. or just what's the weather around.

there is no doubt we are going to organize another event. there was lot of mistakes and problems lately, but we will try to avoid them. be sure that we will open another partyplace right the 3rd weekend of March 2011!


last chance for new place - church folklore main entrance xi`s full presentations equipments
coders at work commodore 116 and timex 2048 gamers at work
optimal workplace select your weapon commodore c64 on screen
enterprise computer analog pacman analog tetris
c64 graphic forever webcam zx spectrum graphic
price giving ceremony with astronaut foreverians unique forever eternity price
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