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 mon|17o7 subject: Kindly unusual to blogging wrote: Lubosbaili

Hey! I just wanted to ask if you ever have any problems with hackers? My last blog (wordpress) was hacked and I ended up losing a few months of hard work due to no back up. Do you have any methods to stop hackers?

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 thu|22o3 subject: ZX Spectrum music disk wrote: cvm

  ZX Spectrum MUSIC SET by Mike\Zeroteam

 thu|22o3 subject: Re: ZX Spectrum compo on Youtube wrote: Busy

  Better video of Tochi:

 tue|21o3 subject: ZX Spectrum compo on Youtube wrote: cvm

  :: 1kB intro:
: 1. 2x2 by Baze
: 2. Tochi by Busy

:: demo:
:1. Ultraviolet by Hooy-Program
:2. Big Things by
:3. Compofiller by Noby & Factor6
:4. Atari by Bad joke

:: wild:
:1. Bad Apple 2 by Noby & Factor6

 fri|25o3 subject: Theme of Forever 2017 selected! wrote: Wotnau

  ...the theme of Forever 2017 is MAD MAX - THE 8-BIT ROAD. More details at

 thu|23o3 subject: Wild compo entry wrote: cvm

  :: Defender of the 8 bits by Happy Vectors Interactive (VHS demo)

 tue|22o3 subject: Tailwind wrote: cvm

  :: Tailwind from gembaboys (live at Forever 17)

 thu|o6o1 subject: Just by the way... wrote: Wotnau

  ... what's the last time you checked ?

 tue|17o3 subject: Theme of Forever 2016 wrote: Wotnau

  For those who left before the closing ceremony (or those who missed the party this year): The theme for Forever 2016 is "DEFENDER OF THE 8 BITS". Just for those who always complain they didn't know the theme soon enough. Now you have a whole year to work on your entries!

 tue|17o3 subject: Thanks wrote: Noby

  Great party! Thanks for web upadate!

 tue|17o3 subject: Download from Forever 16. wrote: cvm

  Download section is complete now!

 wed|19o2 subject: page reload wrote: pol

  we reloaded this web page because we simply need it. register as visitor and contributor for Forever 016 on 13.3.-15.3. 2015.

 tue|26o3 subject: the page wrote: pol

  this will keep the information

 tue|26o3 subject: old & new page wrote: ellvis

  well, this site will remain unofficial. but it will be kept online with informations which are missing on the official one.

 wed|21o3 subject: msgboard is back wrote: F6

  whoo, msg board is back. i can't stand this division of old and new forever site, tho.

 mon|18o3 subject: ZX winner 1k intro and demo wrote: Busy

 tue|o4o9 subject: Attitude #13 is out wrote: ellvis

  I just found that Attitude #13 (c64 diskmag) is out. It contain a FOReVER XIII party report and interview with CreamD, mikezt and me, so if you are curious what are the plans around the FOReVER party, just grab it and read!

 sat|31o3 subject: Next some photos wrote: Busy

 sat|31o3 subject: mama don't buy me a commodore... wrote: CreaMD

  ...I beg you.. I beg youuuu.... just caught myself singing this refrain in loops... damn!!

 sat|24o3 subject: ZX stuff on youtube wrote: Busy

Big thanx to organizers for next perfect Forever !
Some ZX Spectrum stuff on TyTrubka:
:: Zeman
:: ZX Debut
:: Gnome mini music
:: Unlimited sprites 1k intro
:: Alien vs Freddator by F6
:: Nightmare by SinDiKat
Now I'm preparing some photos :)

 thu|21o3 subject: 4k in 1k wrote: CreaMD/Dmagic

  SplAtEE, thanx, you made my day!! ;-)

 thu|21o3 subject: C64 intro compo short video wrote: SplAtEE

 thu|21o3 subject: Fotogalerka wrote: krupkaj

  jasne, ze muzes :)

 tue|2oo3 subject: Fotogalerka wrote: CreaMD

  Cauko Krupkaj, mozem to prosimta repostnut na Facebook stranku ( Zatial najlepsia fotogalerka co som videl. Uplne skvele zabery zo Show It compa

 tue|2oo3 subject: photos wrote: krupkaj

  Thanks for great party!
Here are some photos:

 tue|2oo3 subject: photos wrote: SplAtEE

 tue|2oo3 subject: video wrote: ellvis

  mborik also made great video that can be seen here:

 tue|2oo3 subject: yes yes yes! wrote: mborik

  That was a great party! In the name of RM-TEAM I thank to organizers and all fellow foreverians for really good atmosphere. Also I would like to thank to all voters who appreciated my contribution in ZX music compo.
For all our Czechoslovakian friends, here is a report:

 tue|2oo3 subject: download wrote: Noby

  Koukám do sekce Download a u Foreveru 10 a 13 nejsou žádné věci u C64. Nezrušíme tuhle sekci, když v ní nic není?

 tue|2oo3 subject: C64 results and stuff from Forever 13 wrote: CreaMD/Dmagic

  CSDB party page entry:

Release disk (files are ordered in order of the compo results). Detailed results will be released on late monday.

 tue|2oo3 subject:  wrote: SS^ZT

  pozeram ze sa ta scena riadne premiesala. Noice robi demo na ZX Spectrum, Factor hudbu na Atari, celkovo na ZX vidim hromadu novych mien... pekne. az mi je luto ze som nedosiel. uz taham vysledky nech pozriem vsetko (kde je c64?). zatial som stihol len dizzruptora na youtube

Yerzmiey & Hooy Prg: great demo!

 tue|2oo3 subject: Results for C-64 wrote: Impatient patient.

  are not here.

 tue|2oo3 subject:  wrote: trixs

  CVM: Musim pogratulovat za velmi pekny obrazok a napad. Ako dlho si ho pripravoval? Tento rok mal velmi pekne obrazky, hudbu, dema, intra...

 mon|19o3 subject: the party wrote: SplAtEE

  @mikezt: Relax. I understand that you didn't like the video but it's been taken out of the party place. No one got hurt, no one got offended... only a few guys (especially one) got a bit stupid, that's all.

@organizers: Thank you for yet another well organized party.

Photos coming soon.

 mon|19o3 subject: alcohol wrote: mikezt

  Dear visitors,
I'm glad you have fun at the party, but some things are not OK. When you have troubles with controlling yourself when you are drunk, please don't drink. And when you made video of how you lost control, please don't present it on >demo< party. Thank you.

 mon|19o3 subject: little bit of photos from forever wrote: suso

 mon|19o3 subject: photos wrote: CreaMD

  Hi everybody. Please if you have any photo collections from Forever 2012 posted somewhere on the web, post the link here. Thanx.

 mon|19o3 subject: Zajebiste Party wrote: LCD

  Party was great, except for the sleepover. I still have Headache from sleeping with loud music. Now I'm for 1 year a "walking enceclopedia of 8 bit gaming"... And I want to thank to all voters for voting for my realtime picture. Only you made it possible that I recieved third place.
See ya next year.

 sun|18o3 subject: forever 2012 wrote: YERZMYEY/HOOY-PROGRA

  Thanx for all da organizers & also for all the visitors of Forever 2012. It was really good fun.

 sun|18o3 subject: f13 wrote: hellboj

  thanx to every1, great party & great atmosphere, great thanx to organizers,as usual well done! see YOU ALL next year, yeah!

 sun|18o3 subject: thanks! wrote: electro

  Hi! Thanks for the party and voting for my CPC music. Despite the fact that Mike/zeroteam helped me a lot in running the music on CPC I still had some problems in preparing it for proper playback. Well, that's my first Forever entry, so I hope it will be easier the next time. If you'd like to listen to the music the way it supposed to sound like, it's on the YT.

Dzięki za najebkę!

 sun|18o3 subject: f13 wrote: ub880d

  great party, as usual ;] now we have to wait whole year again... (as usual ;])

 sun|18o3 subject: aaargh!!! wrote: sand

  gimme da works! gimme da wooork! i wanna c it right now! ))

 sun|18o3 subject: Diky wrote: Noby

  Super party!

 sun|18o3 subject: What happens in Horna Suca... wrote: Hangover Crew

  ...stays in Horna Suca.

 sat|17o3 subject: re: Any news? wrote: sand

  it's so good!
any photos? videos? or maybe results? ;)

 sat|17o3 subject: re: Any news? wrote: cvm

  Everything went better than expected. :)

 sat|17o3 subject: any news? wrote: sand

  kakie nowosti s party?

 fri|16o3 subject: re: ellvis wrote: ellvis

  dostal, aj som ti hned na ten email odpovedal, niekde to budes mat v poste.

 fri|16o3 subject: ellvis wrote: trixs

  Dostal si email s obrazkom?

 fri|16o3 subject: FOReVER XIII wrote: ellvis

  partyplace is opened!

 fri|16o3 subject: Forever 13 poster wrote: CreaMD!/Dmagician/status/180433991042727936

 wed|15o3 subject: re: sleeping room wrote: ellvis

  unfortunately, we don't have sleeping room this year. but maybe we will arrange some solution. contact me on the partyplace and we will manage something.

 wed|15o3 subject: sleeping room wrote: electro

Will there be a free sleeping room as at the previous partyplace?

 thu|14o3 subject: IMPORTANT: PARTY PLACE CHANGED! wrote: F6

  Yes, again. Ellvis will do the changes on the title site, soon. New place is AgroSúča hostel in Horná Súča (sleeping place of the last year Forever). Coordinates: 48°57'55.908"N 17°59'14.460"E

 tue|13o3 subject: re: friday evening wrote: ellvis

  well, there will be no concert this year, but a small remembering of Raster.

 tue|13o3 subject: friday evening wrote: xdx

  anything special planned for friday evening like last year? it's in 3 days and no info at all...

 mon|12o3 subject: Predpoved pocasia / Flight forecast wrote: Busy

  For Forever 16-18.3.2012
Slnecno, 13-18.celziusov
Sunny wheather, 13-18 degress
(by Dr.Ilko)

 fri|o9o3 subject: accomondation wrote: ellvis

  for the accomondation, please, send an email directly to me with number of beds you want to reserve. I will then keep you informed about the possibilities. ellvis (at) zeroteam (dot) sk

 wed|o1o3 subject: Hostel? wrote: Dva piva a borovicka

  What's the story with hostel this year?

 sun|o1o1 subject: party forever :) wrote: drake/anubis

  ooow, maybe..i hope to attend forever party 2012 :)

 thu|2112 subject: sam compo wrote: roger

enter this for sam coupe compo please

 fri|29o7 subject: Train accident :-( wrote: CreaMD

 fri|29o7 subject: Raster wrote: ellvis

  We just got very sad news. Raster/CPU today passed away. He was great support of the party from very beginning, he was great computer chap and for sure good friend. World will be poor place without him. Rest in peace Raster!

 mon|27o6 subject: Dmagic demo finally released wrote: CreAMD

 thu|3oo3 subject: ForEver C report on Push'n'pop wrote: Eliot

  Hi guys!

ForEver C report is here:

It's my tribute for promoting ForEver party!

 sat|26o3 subject: Opening Ceremony at YouTube wrote: Wotnau

Thanks to Sad for making a video out of the presentation and uploading it to YT!

 fri|25o3 subject: ZX Spectrum demos on TyTrubka wrote: Busy

  Hi, I put ZX Spectrum demos as videos to YouTube: 1st: Critical Error 2nd: Gemba 3rd: 1979 4th: A Story 5th: DarkDemo

And for previous posts: I think that for ethanol, there is no place on the partyplace. There is not possible to keep clean head under the flood of ethanol drinks...

 wed|24o3 subject: To Factor 6 wrote: Wotnau

  It seems this wasn't the best of my jokes. :(

What I actually wanted to say: My hat's off to you. I truly admire your ability to master so many different platforms and compose music on all those different computers in all those different editors (a lousy one, but I'm a musician myself, so I know how much it costs to get used to an editor).

You're some kind of a creative volcano and you, Piesiu (who won all gfx compos this year) and Raster (who's been supporting the party with releases for 12 years) are my heroes. I hope I expressed myself better this time. :)

 wed|24o3 subject: responsibility wrote: CreaMD

  Splatee, we can't move on with this if all he replies is that it can't be me, you are lying and even threaten us with boycott of other sceners. I think best we can do now is to forget about this flame, and move on.

 thu|23o3 subject: the party & after-party wrote: SplAtEE

  First of all: Thanks again to everyone for the great party. I had a really good time there :)

Now, we've got a situation here that I think needs to be solved in a really calm way.
Please, see the picture below and tell me if this person deserves to be banned from Forever party. No one talked to him about the incident during the party, neither the victim, nor organizers or eye witnesses. We went back home only to read on the site that Kisiel was banned. This is, in my opinion truly unfair. I don't know what exactly happened on Friday/Saturday night, I wasn't there at that time. I know however that Kisiel is a great 8-bit hardware lover & specialist and I just can't imagine him damaging someone's stuff like this. I repeat, I don't know how he behaved that night, but banning him without firstly try to resolve the problem in a different way is wrong.
I hope there's still a chance to come to a some kind of compromise.

 tue|22o3 subject: Next photos wrote: Busy

  Some next photos:

 tue|22o3 subject: photos wrote: krupkaj

  Thanks to organizers for great party. Here are my photos

 tue|22o3 subject: :-) wrote: CreaMD

  Factor, we are now experiencing other kind of drama... well.. at least we have some afterever buzz... ;-))

 tue|22o3 subject: to wotnau wrote: F6

  hmm... and aren't we a family? 8-bit demo scene family? i don't understand him, i just do what i like and i do my best. i'm not responsible for people at the party who vote for my works. btw. on was a warm discussion between x-ray and others, if there's namevoting at forever. i don't think so, and why, see discussion under my last article on my blog.

 tue|22o3 subject: Cool short document made by Polish guys wrote: CreaMD

  Cool short document about this year's Forever made by Polish guys

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